Natural Rubber Suspension Mounts


Natural rubber suspension mounts from Advanced Antivibration Components (AAC) are designed to isolate suspended products that weigh from 56 lbs. up to 112 lbs. A popular use for these vibration isolators involves their use in suspending piping in heating, ventilating and air conditioning - HVAC applications. There are 4 mounts identified as the V10Z72MTG Series, which are constructed with a carbon steel housing. The isolator is made from natural rubber. The maximum deflection of these units is 6 mm (.24 in.). Their natural frequency ranges from 7 to 12 Hz. Other AAC rubber suspension mounts are designed to support weights up to 220 lbs. They are best suited for hanging small machines such as fans, distribution pipes and ducts from ceilings. At the AAC eStore you can check price and availability, place an online order, download 3-D models, or request a quote at anytime.


• METAL HOUSING: Carbon Steel • ISOLATOR: Natural Rubber • BUSHING: Carbon Steel
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