NEMA 23 Servo Motor with Improved Efficiency and Power


QuickSilver Controls, Inc. expands its line of servo
motors with the QCI-A23L-3. This servo motor
provides almost 33% higher power output capability
than the similarly sized motor it replaces. This power
increase comes with an efficiency improvement of
approximately 15% over the speed range of the motor.
Performance is especially improved at higher speeds. This OEM system (pictured) includes the 48V
SilverDust D2-IG-01 controller which is only 2.75”
(70mm) x 3.00” (76mm).
·  84 oz-in (0.59 Nm) Continuous Torque
·  122 oz-in (0.86 Nm) Peak Torque
·  80 Watts Continuous Mechanical Power
·  8000 count/rev Encoder
·  4000 RPM
With QCI’s ability to handle inertial miss-matches of 100:1, this motor is ideal for driving large
flywheel loads without additional gearing.
The QCI-A23L-3 is an economical solution for motion control applications including
semiconductor, packaging, medical and food processing.


• Operational Temperature - -10 C to +80 C • Storage Temperature - -40 C to +85 C • Humidity - Continuous specification is 95% RH non-condensing. • Shock - Limitation is approximately 50g/11ms. • IP Rating - Standard IP50 • IP Rating – 6T Option
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