Neo-Pure Food Safety System


Neo-Pure food safety system pasteurizes nuts, seeds, and grains and increases throughput, efficiency and cost-savings for food processors. Neo-Pure provides a validated 5-log kill step for a wide range of low-moisture foods while maintaining the raw nutrition and sensory qualities of nuts, seeds, and grains.


The Neo-Pure pasteurization process eliminates pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. Since it does not use steam, chemical gas or irradiation, it preserves the natural taste, smell, texture, and nutrition of the food.


The Neo-Pure food safety system pasteurizes food at a minimum of three metric tonnes per hour in a continuous process flow. This improves efficiency and generates cost savings compared to other commonly used pasteurizers that use a batch process. The Neo-Pure food safety system works by misting Neo-Pure, an organic liquid solution composed entirely of ingredients found in nature, onto the food. This technique uniformly destroys pathogens on the foods' surface and in cracks and crevices that can harbor pathogens. Afterward, Neo-Pure completely biodegrades. As a result, the food is pasteurized but not cooked, leaving the food safe and raw, just as nature intended.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada have approved Neo-Pure as a processing aid, so labeling is not required. It is certified organic to the standards of the U.S. National Organic Program and Canada Organic Regime. It also meets Kosher and Halal guidelines.


The Neo-Pure food safety system is fully enclosed to prevent cross-contamination of food as food travels through the pasteurization process. Unlike other pasteurization systems, it seamlessly integrates into any operating environment with a flexible layout and a footprint of only 1,500 square feet.


One operator can run the Neo-Pure food safety system using the 16-inch touchscreen controller. After the operator selects a food profile from the pre-programmed run specification, the system runs autonomously. The Neo-Pure food safety system tracks data in real-time by graphing critical control parameters for quality assurance and control. The controller sends messages and alarms to the operator or stops the process if any of the parameters do not meet specifications.

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