Network Analyzer Tests Antennae, Cables, Filters, & PCBs


E5063A is a low cost network analyzer providing optimized performance and functionality for testing simple passive components such as antennas, cables, filters, and PCBs.

The E5063A provides the best balance between price and performance to satisfy your business and technical requirements. It leverages the consistent measurement framework of the industry standard ENA Series to boost efficiency and productivity, and is future proof and ready to evolve as the technologies change.


  • 00 kHz to 500 M / 1.5 G / 3 G / 4.5 G / 6.5 G / 8.5 G / 14 G / 18 GHz
  • 2-port 50 ohm S-parameter test set
  • Trace noise: 0.002 dB rms (typ.)
  • Dynamic range: 122 dB (typ.)
  • Stability: 0.01 dB/degC
  • Fixture simulator
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