New 6762 Triplex Reciprocating Positive Displacement Plunger Pump features a Duplex Stainless Steel Head for added corrosion resistance


CAT PUMPS dependable Nickel Aluminum Bronze Model 6767 and 316 Stainless Steel Model 6761 triplex pumps have delivered exceptional life in seawater desalination systems for many years. The new Model 6762 features both a Duplex Stainless Steel head and valve assemblies providing added corrosion resistance, higher strength and extended life in the more aggressive seawater desalination and chemical injection applications.

The secret to the longevity and low maintenance of CAT PUMPS is our high quality materials and uncomplicated design. The new 6762 pump features our special design features and materials common in our entire pump line. Our exclusive seal design and material blend combined with our concentric, solid ceramic plunger offer exceptional seal life.

The corrosion resistant liquid-end coupled with the heavy-duty drive-end, assure CAT PUMPS are extremely durable under the continuous-duty demands of applications like seawater desalination and chemical injection. CAT PUMPS are also high efficiency pumps delivering 90% overall efficiency, thereby reducing the energy consumption required to convert from seawater to fresh water or when performing on 24/7 duty cycle.


6762 SSD 60 GPM 520 RPM 1200 PSI 50 HP
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