New Altistart® 01 Soft Start Family Packs Advanced Motor Control in Small Footprint - Schneider Electric


The competitively priced Telemecanique® Altistart® 01 soft start comes in three different performance levels to match the needs of a wide range of fractional and low horsepower (1/4 to 75 HP at 110 to 575 volts) single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors. Most models

A soft start provides smooth motor starting control for applications that do not require high starting torque, limiting the stress on the mechanical parts of a machine and reducing the cost of maintenance and downtime. Altistart 01 soft starts are an affordable alternative to variable speed drives for lower-horsepower, full speed machines such as material handling conveyors, belt-driven machinery, fans, pumps, automatic doors and gates, small compressors and process machinery.

The Altistart 01 soft start line uses up to 40 percent less panel space than previous models. Its modular design means lower costs for customers because of reduced installation time and materials, as well as lower energy and maintenance costs. It can be used to add the benefits of soft starting to any existing motor starter and is ideal for retrofit applications.

ATS01N2 low horsepower models are compatible with the innovative Telemecanique TeSys® U-Line motor starter. The advanced functionality of this combined solution includes full motor and machine protection, integrated diagnostics capabilities, status-reporting, PowerSuite™ programming software, and both network monitoring and control through Modbus®, Ethernet, DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP or AS-Interface communication options. This portion of the Altistart 01 family is designed for three-phase motors ranging from 6 to 32 amps at 208 to 460V (2 to 20HP at 460V).

The higher horsepower portion of the ATS01N2 family is designed for three-phase motors rated from 32 to 85 amps at 208, 230, 460 and 575V (20 to 60 HP at 460V). Sized for heavy-duty applications with start and stop times up to 25 seconds, these models are rated for ambient temperatures to 130°F and elevations up to 6,600 feet. Integration is simple with standard two- or three-wire control, isolation contactor control and DIN rail mounting.

The ATS01N1 models are designed for applications that only require motor torque to be limited during starting. They focus on applications using fractional motors rated from 3 to 12 amps (1/4 to 3 HP at 230V). These models can control both single- and three-phase motors rated for 110, 208, 230, 400 and 460V. Most types of single-phase motors can be soft started, including split-phase induction, capacitor start and shaded pole.

Features of the new Altistart 01 line include easy installation with DIN rail or panel mounting and a removable control wiring terminal, quick adjust for starting torque and both starting and stopping times, kickstart selectable boost for hard-to-start loads and simple diagnostics with two LEDS signaling “power on” and motor “up-to-speed.”


• Amps : 32 • Motor Power 208V : 7.5 – 10 HP • Motor Power 230V : 7.5 kW • Motor Power 400V : 15 kW • Motor Power : 20HP
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