New AquaMaKKs™: Water-cooled clutches and brakes


Wichita Clutch, part of Altra Industrial Motion, announces the availability of new AquaMaKKs water-cooled clutches and brakes, which provide accurate torque control for constant tensioning. AquaMaKKs are ideally suited for heavy-duty, continuous slip tension applications in oil and gas, metal processing and forming, forestry, and marine deck machinery.

AquaMaKKs can be put to use in a variety of industries:

  • Oil & Gas: Ideal for drawworks applications as well as integration into electronic drilling systems.
  • Metal Processing & Forming: Control tension on the coilers in metal processing plants and control tension in unwind stands and slitters in metal-forming facilities.
  • Marine Deck Machinery: High heat dissipation and accurate tension controls make AquaMaKKs perfect for positioning and mooring winches.
  • Forestry: AquaMaKKs water-cooled brakes control winch drives for mobile forestry equipment, such as yarders.

AquaMaKKs offer a number of benefits to users. They have few parts, so they are easier to install and maintain, saving time and money. Each unit features premium materials and finishes, which will protect the unit in challenging environments, including exposure to salt water. The unique water jacket design (patent pending) ensures high heat absorption and torque stability, allowing for greater heat dissipation compared to similarly sized units.

AquaMaKKs include a mounting pattern that enables direct replacement to Wichita or other units, eliminating costly design changes. And units are available as standard or custom-engineered to meet specific application requirements.

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