New Articulated Cutting Head


OMAX has announced the introduction of its new A-Jet™, short for articulated jet. The A-Jet cuts accurate beveled edges at angles determined by the machine operator or part program. Controlled entirely by OMAX’s proprietary Intelli-MAX® software, the A-Jet adds two motion axes that allow tilting the nozzle over a range of 0° to 60° from the vertical position. The new component can be used to easily produce beveled edges when cutting countersunk holes. The A-Jet can also cut parts with complex geometries. The accessory features a fixed focal point design, where the XYZ axes need not be moved as the head tilts.

With its additional axes of motion, the A-Jet also allows production of beveled edges in preparation for welding operations. Through use of the accessory, many secondary machining and grinding operations can be eliminated.

The A-Jet is supplied with a MAXJET®5i nozzle, a long-life diamond integrated nozzle. A significant feature of the A-Jet is its large diameter tubing with minimal pressure loss, allowing the use of large high power nozzles. Utilizing a high power nozzle allows for a substantial increase in cutting speed and leads to economical part production.


* Automatic taper reduction without any programming or calibration * Advanced taper removal, 9 degree maximum tilt angle * Can be used on all OMAX machines, new or old * Six inches travel in Z direction * Automatic re-squaring feature insures nozzle is square to the part being cut * Servo-controlled programmable precision Z-axis * Compatible with other OMAX accessories
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