Rogers Corporation along with Rogers INOAC Corporation has issued a new brochure on its PORON® Urethane solutions for use in handheld devices such as cell phones, PDAs, computers, digital cameras and gaming devices. Microcellular PORON Urethanes are used in gaskets and seals to protect sensitive components in handheld devices. They provide gap filling, shock absorption, dust sealing and vibration isolation as well as hold components firmly in place. Designers select PORON Urethanes for reliable designs where function and quality are critical.
The four-page overview brochure outlines the material qualities of PORON:
Low compression set
Excellent energy absorption
High sealability
High fabricating efficiency
Outstanding conformability
Use of compliant materials
Additional information displayed in the brochure includes a table listing specific PORON materials and their key properties; an illustration showing where PORON materials are typically used in handheld electronic devices; a dual set of tables linking specific handheld devices with application areas and needs and the best PORON material (thin & soft, flame retardant or load bearing) for the application.
Technical data is shown on the brochure’s back cover comparing PORON urethane’s compression set resistance with competitive materials like polypropylene, neoprene and EPDM, along with a table showing specific PORON materials’ gap filling capabilities.
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