New Compact Rotary Broach Head for Faster Setups


Westfield, MA --New Rotary Broach heads, available from Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc., feature "no center indicating" allowing for faster and easier setups for CNC Swiss-type machines and gang style lathes. Specifically designed for these machines, the compact size of the 2160 Rotary Broach heads fits into the tightest tooling areas without loosing adjacent ID stations. The head diameter of 1.1" and length of 2.42" permits use in space limited sub-spindle applications. Each holder has an extended shank, eliminating the need to add a bushing, thereby reducing vibration, increasing rigidity, and providing longer tool life. In addition, the extended shank allows for easy modification to suit specific machine and application requirements. The broach utilizes a unique bearing design making it the most compact medium duty broach available, capable of withstanding 2200 lbs of push force.

The Model 2160 is ideal for many medical and dental implant manufacturing (bone screws) applications as well as aerospace rated fasteners that utilize hex shapes to drive them. The 2160 is stocked in shank sizes of 16, 20, 22 and 25mm as well as 5/8", 3/4" and 1" diameters. Also available in 12 and 14mm diameters upon request.

Technical contact: Scott Laprade

Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. provides specialized tools, accessories, application and process assistance for Swiss Type machining and small parts manufacturing. Products include PCM Rotary Broaching tools, tool holders for Citizen Machines, Star, Maier, Nexturn, Okuma, VDI, UTILIS MultidecĀ® Swiss type turning and micro bore tools, Swiss made slitting saws and arbors, polygon and hobbing tools, magnetic finishing and deburring systems, Swiss collet sleeves and chucks, thread whirling attachments, high speed spindles for CNC Swiss machines and premium cutting oils
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