New Descaler Product


The new GDS-C90 from Goodway descales heating and cooling systems quickly and easily.
• Cleans your equipment better than manually operated systems.
• Use on boilers, chillers, condensers, heat exchangers, oil coolers and more
• Innovative Flow Reversal System speeds up descaling by managing gas and foam caused by descaling
• Portable unit easily rolls from system to systemConstructed of heavy duty polyethylene and acid proof components, these units are designed for years of use in industrial applications. The secret to their success at removing scale lies in the innovative Flow Reversal Valve. During the descaling process, lime scale dissolves and creates foam and gas, which act as a barrier to further scale reduction. Using the Flow Reversal Valve allows for the foam and gas to discharge into the tank, eliminating the barrier effect and considerably speeding up the descaling process. Each unit is self priming and safely contains chemicals within its integral tank, allowing for maximum user friendliness. The smaller GDS-C30 works great on small size applications like oil coolers and heat exchangers, while the GDS-C90 will take care of larger boilers and chillers.

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