New Design Versatile Mount for Industry


This "versatile mount" provides a highly flexible, easily changeable mount for a wide range of positioning applications. The mount was designed to be compact in size (product envelope of 1 3/8 x 2 x 2 in.) in collapsed position), yet still be capable of supporting substantial weights when secured in the desired position.

The mount provides a high degree of flexibility thru its ball-in-socket design (up to a 45 degree conical basis) allowing a wide range of rotational orientation at either mounting block. In addition, the mount can freely rotate 360 degrees and slide out on shafts to an extended position or be retracted in for tight fitting mounting applications by loosening a single knob that locks both shafts. Either mounting block can be secured by attaching it to the fixed structure or the adjustable component with two bolts. After the component is positioned into the desired orientation it can be locked in place by tightening the locking screws and knob.

The new mount can be used wherever there is a need to have a highly conformable mount between a fixed structure and a component on the other end that needs to be positioned quickly, reliably and securely.

The mount can be further adapted for extended lengths by extending the supporting shafts or by adding additional ball-in-socket joints for greater degrees of freedom.
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