New Drill With Two Grades of Carbide In One Tool


ATI Stellram is positioned to change the way the metal cutting industry thinks, with a brand new patented technology that combines two grades of carbide into one tool. ATI Stellram’s new HardCore™ Technology allows the tool to be designed so that an optimum carbide grade is used at critical points, enhancing performance and improving tool life. “This tool changes the economics of drilling,” said Dave Watson, Vice President of ATI Stellram. “HardCore Technology offers advantages that just weren’t there before. It lets companies look at machining in an entirely different way. And that can result in dramatic economic benefits.” “What we’ve seen with this technology is that tools will cut faster, last longer, and produce better quality holes,” said Werner Mueller, Global Product Manager, Drilling. “In fact, our testing shows consistently that a HardCore Technology drill will last four times longer than other ‘high performance’ drills currently available in the marketplace.” Why It Works “Think about the tip of a drill bit,” said Mueller. “The outer edges are running at high surface speed, while the point is basically stationary. The carbide grade chosen had to compensate for this, and there was a trade out—performance for durability. In the past, this has meant that the drillpoint is prone to chipping, which is a critical factor in performance and tool life. “But imagine what happens when you can use two grades of carbide—one tailored for wear resistance to match the high speed of the tool’s outer diameter, and another designed to be resilient enough to handle the slow speed of the tool center. Now you’ve eliminated the need for compromise—and you’ve dramatically improved performance.” Testing shows that the new composite technology greatly reduces wear because the carbide grade is optimized for the different portions of the tool. Operating speeds can be increased—by a factor of 2x. “You have a tool that will last longer, run faster and require less maintenance,” Mueller said. “This can be a major advantage for companies needing to boost productivity and reduce costs. When you can tailor a tool’s performance like this, there are almost endless possibilities for the application of this technology.” Mueller noted that testing of HardCore Technology drills yielded results showing companies could cut drilling costs as much as 50% per hole. “Who wouldn’t be interested in this type of savings?” Mueller said. “We’re now offering custom calculations to customers that lets them predict their actual cost savings using HardCore Technology.” HardCore Technology drills will be available in early September, in conjunction with the IMTS Show. At the show, HardCore drills will be demonstrated live so that show visitors can see the speed increases and evaluate the tool in action. Initially, grades are available for cutting various steels and cast irons. Drill models are available in 3:1 and 5:1 configurations.
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