New DYNAGLIDE® Swatchbook


DeWAL Industries, Inc. a leading manufacturer of high performance PTFE and UHMW-PE films and tapes, is offering a swatchbook with samples of its Dynaglide® PTFE series.
        Samples include a glass fiber compound and a graphite-filled PTFE. The Dynaglide series is engineered in many grades to reduce friction and wear in various dynamic applications. It is lubricant-free, durable, temperature-tolerant, chemically-inert, resistant to deformation under load, compatible with many surfaces, and characterized by superior tensile strength.
        Dynaglide is the preferred tape where non-lubricated sliding bearings or seals are required. It can be as thin as 0.0022” (0.0508mm) and as wide as 55” ( 1.397m).
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