New Electric Label Dispenser for Speedy Dispensing of Packaging Label


START International’s newest member of their TheLabelDispenser™ family is the LD5500, a high speed electric label dispenser designed for long, wide packaging labels. This semi-automatic dispenser increases productivity, preserves the integrity of the adhesive label backing, and protects end users from unnecessary fatigue.

In operation, the dispenser feeds a label roll forward, peels the label from its liner, presents it so that it is ready to be taken and applied, then rewinds the liner for easy removal and a clean workspace. These actions are all orchestrated into one smooth process that dispenses at a feed speed of 1.6” per second.

The LD5500 can dispense labels between .25 and 5” wide and between .5 and 12” long. Mounted with a photo sensor and an adjustable strip plate, the dispenser can be easily adjusted without tools to fit labels with sizes anywhere within the dispensable range.

Designed with all-metal construction, the LD5500 is ideal for use in industrial environments and requires no maintenance. Among all members of START’s TheLabelDispenser™ line, virtually every size of label can be dispensed with ease. All of these machines can dispense labels of all materials, including paper, Mylar, and acetate, as well as all shapes and even die-cut parts.


• Liner Capacity Width - .25” to 5” (6 to 127mm) • Length - .5” to 12” (13 to 305mm) • Roll Capacity - 12” (305mm) • Feed Speed* - 3.9”/sec* (10cm/sec.) • Dimensions- 14.5”(L) x 12.5”(W) x 11.0”(H) 368(L) x 318(W) x 279mm(H)
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