New FL2000 Palletizer


Professionals in the packaging industry have been looking for a palletizer that is Modular, Energy Efficient, Loaded with Standard Safety Features and EASY:  easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to adjust and flexible for tomorrow's unknown packaging challenges. Columbia listened and worked with customers to develop the all new FL2000 Floor Level Palletizer.
The New FL2000 includes on-machine I/O electrical components providing a clean design and faster installation. Strategically placed interlocked doors with Lexan (or optional mesh) panels allow for easy viewing and access to all interior components making maintenance work quick and effortless. Proven pattern forming technology is created with the inclusion of a VFD controlled electric row pusher drive and centering side retainers with smart squeeze.  Smoother and faster cycle rates are achieved with the addition of VFDs on the stripper plate and layer hoist. 
Category 3 rated electrical components are now standard on all Columbia Palletizers including A-B SensaGuard dual circuit safety interlocks and Sick type 4 light curtains.  A moveable infeed “tunnel” provides additional operator protection and still allows for easy access to the infeed side of the FL 2000. This superior safety package is unmatched in the industry as standard equipment and offers the highest level of protection for your employees; protection that they deserve.  
As with all of Columbia’s palletizers, increased flexibility is provided through multiple layout possibilities including front, rear and side infeeds and the option of pallet dispensing and load discharge on the same side.  Columbia’s Product Manager Software provides a user-friendly interface increasing palletizer up-time and productivity by making it simple to add or modify patters, adjusts PLC timers and VFD speeds and generates production reports. With heavy duty formed steel construction, 80 pitch hoist chain and 60 pitch chain on the stripper plate the new FL2000 is built to last.  Optional double stacking capabilities allows double or triple high pallet loads to be created within the palletizer, saving on floor space that is required when an external double stacker is used.
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