New Foxboro A2 product delivers low-cost PLC architecture with real DCS functionality


“In addition to our flagship I/A Series automation system, Invensys offers the Foxboro A2 system as a highly cost-effective alternative for smaller applications. The new Foxboro A2 T2550 controller now allows this low-cost, multi-loop process control capability to be deployed right at a process unit,” said Betty Naylor-McDevitt, marketing director of the Foxboro Automation unit of Invensys Process Systems. “While the T2550 can be easily integrated into a control or plant network, it will continue to control the process even if a network link is lost. Combined with optional controller redundancy, this provides a high degree of fault-tolerance at a very low cost.”

The T2550 controller is the first product in the Foxboro A2 line to bundle full process control and I/O functionality in a compact, field-mountable baseplate and termination assembly. Each unit can have up to two process controllers, which can operate in a simplex mode or in an optional redundant mode. No additional engineering is required to make the system redundant. The standard T2550 control and I/O baseplate can also house up to 16 I/O cards. These can be replaced live, under power, without disturbing field wiring or other I/O.

Like other members of the Foxboro A2product family, the T2550 controller supports high-density packaging of a broad range of analog and digital I/O types. System controllers can be mixed and matched as needed to meet specific control and price requirements using the highly flexible licensing strategy. Users pay only for currently needed functionality and can upgrade at any time without cost penalty. Redundant processors with automatic switchover, redundant power supplies, and redundant network connections can be specified on a controller-by-controller basis. Control strategies are configured graphically using IEC-61131 tools including function block, sequential function charts, structured text, and PID and advanced regulatory control. A library of pre-constructed function blocks is also available to speed application development.

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