New Generation of Circuit Breaker Power Entry Modules Mount in Tight Spaces


Series 6135and 6136 are the newest additions to the Schurter line of power entry modules. The combination of appliance inlet and circuit breaker provide analternative to fused power entry modules, especially suited for applications with high in rush currents and high transient loads.

A circuit breaker is selected instead of fuses when manual reset is a desired function of the equipment. This can be highly desirable when toleranceof high in rush spikes is needed to avoid nuisance tripping. Typical applicationsinclude lab equipment, medical devices, fitness equipment, industrial automation equipment, etc. using automatic winding and coiling devices. The compact 6136 fits in a 1U enclosure, making it ideal for use in Power Distribution Units used for information
technology equipment, communications equipment, instrument cabinets and network operations centers. The ability to manually reset the circuit avoids the expense and inconvenience of fuse replacement.

The 6135 offers a C14 appliance inlet and the 6136 a C20 inlet, according to IEC 60320. Both versions offer snap-in mounting and are equipped with a thermal positively trip-free release circuit breaker. The 6135 offers a 2-pole switch with or without 1 or 2-pole overcurrent protection, while the compact 6136 is offered in 1-pole with switch only or switch and overcurrent protection. Current ratings range from 50mA to 16A (ENEC) or 20A (cURus). The rocker is offered lighted or unlighted in various legends and colors.

About Schurter Inc.
The Schurter Group, founded in Switzerland in 1933, is an internationally recognized manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for the high-tech industry. Schurter’s product innovation focuses in four strategic business areas including fuses, connectors including EMC filter components, circuit breakers for equipment, and human to machine input systems. Schurter, Inc. Santa Rosa, California, is the exclusive North American sales and distribution office for the Schurter Group.


• Ratings IEC : 16A/250 VAC;50 Hz • Ratings UL/CSA: 20A/ 250 VAC;60Hz • Dielectric Strength : >2.5 kVAC between L-N  >3 kVAC between L/N-PE • Allowable Operation Temp. : -25 °C to 60 °C • Degree of Protection : from front side IP 40 acc. To IEC 60529 • Protection Class: Suitable for appliances with protection class I IEC 61140 • Terminal : Quick connect terminals 6.3 x 0.8 mm • Panel Thickness s : Snap-in: 1.5/2/2.5 mm • Material:Housing : Thermoplastic, black, UL 94V-0 • Appliance-Inlet/-Outlet : C20 acc. To IEC/EN 60320-1, UL 498, CSA C22.2
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