New Inch & Metric Magnetic Disk Couplings


A new series of magnetic disk couplings from Sterling Instrument (ISO 9001:2000+AS9100B Registered Manufacturer) features no friction or wearing parts, uses no electricity and no magnetic particles to leak. These units, identified as the S50DCM... (inch) and S50DCMM... (metric) Series are stocked in 8 different bore sizes ranging from .1875” to 1.000” (5 mm to19 mm).The couplings consist of two opposing disk halves with powerful rare earth magnets. The torque applied to one disk is transferred through an air gap to the other disk. Because of its simple flat design, one can have angular misalignment of up to 3O or parallel misalignment of up to 1/4” and still transmit nearly full rotational torque.

These 416 Stainless steel couplings incorporate an NdFeB, nickel plated magnet. The hub sections are offered singularly and are offered with or without a keyway and are fastened to shafts with an included set screw. The coupling O.D. ranges from 1.72” to 2.86” (43.7 mm to 73 mm).

Other features include being incredibly accurate, repeatable torque control, and easy to adjust, easy to apply, smooth with no friction since there is no physical contact between driving and driven parts.

Applications include: material handling such as for conveyor belts, film transport, capping of syringes or bottles, shrink wrapping, constant wire tension coil winding, and film tensioning. Quotes, online orders, and 3D CAD Models are available at our new eStore at:

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