New Index Plungers Offer Versatility in Setups


New Index Plungers Offer Versatility in Setups

New index plungers from Carr Lane, in straight or tapered versions, are precision, heavy-duty assemblies with a retractable spring-loaded plunger.

In a variety of sizes, both straight and tapered index plungers come in rotary cam versions, with standard or flange mounting, or with a blank machineable end.

Straight index plungers have an entirely cylindrical plunger with a slight radius at the top, used with a straight bushing. A straight plunger provides slightly greater positional accuracy. The tapered
version features a 15° taper on the plunger tip with a mating taper on the bushing, making alignment easier.

The standard-mount configuration has a precision ground body with a whistle notch for orientation with a setscrew. Flange mounting is designed for installations where a cross hole for a set screw is not practical. The third version, with the blank machinable end, offers easy adaptation to various actuating devices, including automated setups.

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