New Jones Adjustable Pouch King®


The New Jones Adjustable Pouch King® combines the first of its kind pouch size flexibility with high-speed, state-of-the-art sealing technology.

The Adjustable Pouch King® - continuous motion horizontal form/fill/seal machine from R.A. Jones & Co. Inc. builds on its "best-in-class" speed and productivity reputation and adds pouch size flexibility to the mix.

Flexible packaging advances to a whole new level with this machine. Jones uses all of its production proven high speed forming and filling techniques but adds the easy adjustments necessary for quick and repeatable pouch size changes, all at speeds up to 500 pouches per minute. Virtually any pouch size within the adjustment range can be produced, using few or no change parts. This ease of reconfiguration will allow customers to achieve the benefits of high speed pouching, while maximizing production flexibility.

In addition to flexibility, the Adjustable Pouch King brings two more innovations to the high speed pouching arena: a remote filling module, which provides flexibility and sanitation benefits; and an all new machine configuration, which offers ergonomic benefits and easier machine threading.

The patented Jones sealing system provides a highly consistent temperature profile to ensure a high-quality side seal. This innovative sealing system controls the temperature of the seal bars very precisely utilizing lower operating temperatures, thus allowing the use of thinner materials.

The Pouch King family of machines are equipped with fully integrated servo systems using advanced motion control, thus eliminating complex mechanical drive systems while providing high reliability, predictable operations and minimal maintenance. The Pouch King features an advanced control system with color touch screen HMI, system diagnostics and servo performance monitoring with predictive (vs reactive) maintenance capabilities.

Featuring stainless steel construction, the Pouch King marries clean design concepts, with the industry's best ergonomics and economics. Combine these impressive capabilities with Jones' years of experience with production proven product feed and collation systems and the result is a machine unparalleled in the industry for speed, flexibility and economical operation.


• Width – 2.5” to 5.5” • Height – 3” to 8” • Range of heat sealed web structures – 1.5 mil to 5 mil • Speed – up to 500 ppm
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