New Lean Power™ Energy Efficient Low-Voltage Transformers


New Square D® Lean Power™ Energy Efficient Low-Voltage Transformers from Schneider Electric reduce energy consumption and costs for end users, while also addressing the impending federal government mandate requiring that all transformers manufactured after Jan.1, 2007, meet new standards for increased energy efficiency. Electrical contractors will appreciate the increased ease of installation, due to expanded wiring compartments, decreased weight, minimized clearance requirements and terminals sized to handle lug kits equivalent to other Square D products.

“We’ve reduced both the coil losses and core losses from these transformers, thus increasing energy efficiency for the end user,” said Thomas Patzner, LV transformer product marketing manager. “These transformers integrate perfectly with Square D power conservation, management and monitoring products, systems and services to help reduce energy consumption and costs. The new transformers can play a key role for a commercial building owner who is striving for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design® (LEED) certification, or simply wants a more ‘green’ building.”

The Square D Lean Power Energy Efficient Transformers meet the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Standard TP1 table 4-2 for energy efficiency, as mandated by the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, and are available from 15 kVA through 1,000 kVA. They have 200 percent neutral and feature 150° C temperature rise and a 220° C UL-listed insulation system. The expanded wiring compartments allow for bending radius of 250 percent for primary cables and flexibility on secondary cables.

End users find increased value in the space options created by the reduced footprint. The transformers feature a 3-inch clearance from ventilated openings instead of 6 inches, which reduces the distance from the wall to the front of the device by 3 inches.

Patzner said the recent launch of the Square D Lean Tools Web site,, will be a great help for contractors and end users in calculating the post-installation payback period of Square D Lean Power Energy Efficient Transformers. Square D® Lean Tools is an innovative collection of Web calculators that allow users to estimate potential energy savings to be gained by implementing various energy efficiency solutions. These Schneider Electric solutions allow users to optimize energy costs while enhancing a facility’s performance, reliability, safety and ease of use. For example, Patzner said a typical Square D Energy Efficient Transformer will see a payback in five to six years at $.075 per kwh, compared to non-NEMA TP1 compliant models, and will recover the total cost of the product during its life expectancy.

“Surveys show that the typical loading of low-voltage, dry-type transformers on a 24-hour average basis is between 15 and 35 percent of full load rating,” Patzner said. “At these loading levels, Square D Energy Efficient Transformers provide the best combination of optimal performance and superior quality.”


• Evaluated according to UL Standard 1561 for effects of harmonic heating • Designed for typical harmonics per IEEE 519-1992 • Meets 4% minimum reactance for 150°C temperature rise designs • Conforms to IEEE-597 Class B overload, which requires 150% of load for one minute per hour • Designed for the mechanical stress of dc drive current spikes • Designed for the thermal and mechanical stress of highly cyclic process control applications
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