New Line of Graphic Design Safety Caps


The overlay designs include the Razor, a sharp line design that exudes strength and attitude, the Executive,

a blue-gray check pattern that offers a more official looking cap design, the Glory, a patriotic tribute to the

stars and strips, and the Inferno, an already popular red and black flame design, which is also available on

the SC3 cap offered by ASMC. The Sentry III safety cap meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 standards and is a fully

dielectric slotted safety cap. This allows users to properly protect themselves beyond the standard head

protection. With these exciting new designs ASMC’s Head-Turners truly offer “Safety with Style™”

All of the designs withstand temperature variances, humidity and exposure to UV light for long-lasting

wear. The line is offered with a 6 point ratchet suspension for a secure, comfortable fit. All four caps meet

the ANSI Z89.1-2003 standards for Type 1 Class G, E and C safety caps.

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