New Line of PVC Non-Metallic Cable Connectors


STRATFORD, Conn., May 18, 2006 – Bridgeport Fittings introduces a new line of PVC non-metallic cable connectors with a unique design that allows for either new work or old work applications. The unique design enables a contractor to run the desired length of cable into an electrical box before installing the connector. The new connectors also save time and money, as there is no longer a need to cut an oversized hole to accommodate connector installation in an old work box.

For new work, the connector is inserted into a knockout from outside the electrical box. For old work, the connector is slid over the electrical cables and inserted into a knockout from inside the electrical box. Connectors may be used with steel outlet boxes, panel boxes, or enclosures. All connectors are UL Listed.

These Bridgeport connectors accommodate one of the widest cable ranges in the industry. Connector, catalog number 616-NMD, is used with 1" knockouts and accepts a cable range of (one) 14/2 to (one) 6/2 cable or (two) 14/2 to (two) 12/2 cables in any combination. The 617-NMD connector is used with 1" knockouts and accepts a cable range of (one) 8/2 to (one) 6/3 cable.
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