New Liquid-Tight Cordgrips for Large-Size Wire and Cable


Heyco Products, Inc., an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision, non-ferrous electrical metal stampings, and proprietary injection-molded wire-protection products, has introduced a new family of liquid-tight, straight-through cordgrips for large-diameter wire and cable applications.

New Product: Heyco-TITE — family of liquid-tight cordgrips for larger flexible wire cables and cords in electrical enclosures of any kind, including NPT, Metric and PG threads in straight-thru, configurations.

Design & Engineering: Heyco Products, Inc. In-House Product Design & Development Team

Manufacturer: Heyco Products, Inc., founded 1926.

Product Applications: Heyco-TITE precision-molded liquid-tight cordgrips provide a strong, long-lasting, easy-to-apply liquid-tight strain relief. It can now connect flexible cables and cords of larger sizes, up to 1.350-inch diameter. The varying diameter in the expanded product range can readily accommodate such things as industrial/commercial equipment, electrical motor housings, indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical pumps and medical equipment.

Product Description: The Heyco-TITE family of liquid-tight cordgrips has been noted for smooth, rounded interior surfaces. These allow cords and cables of varying diameters to insert easily into housings and cabinets, without binding or scraping of insulation. Now able to handle larger cable diameter ranges for wire protection that guarantees a safe, secure, liquid-tight seals throughout virtually any electrical housing or panel.

Acme threads utilized in all Heyco-TITE liquid-tight cordgrips promote fast assembly, and prevent slipping of cords or liquid penetration. A ratchet design to the sealing nut provides a grip resistant to vibrations. An integral sealing ring assures a lasting liquid-tight seal at the mounting location.

The new large-size Heyco-TITE family of liquid-tight cordgrips is available in straight-thru design which accommodates thread sizes of PG, Metric or NPT styles for a variety of oversized cable and wire configurations of .065-inches to 1.350-inches.

Construction & Finishes: Heyco-TITE large-size liquid-tight cordgrips are molded in Heyco’s own state-of-the-art U.S. plant of high-impact Type 6/6 polyamide nylon with “Buna N” sealing glands. They are resistant to salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease and most common solvents.

Heyco-TITE liquid-tight cordgrips are available in black or gray; white or custom colors may also be specified. All are UL listed, CSA certified, have an IP rating of 68 per DIN 40050, up to 70-psi (“5-bar”) water pressure, and a flammability rating of 94V-2.


Material 6/6 Nylon with Buna N Sealing Gland (LTCG Series) or TPE gland (LTF Series) Certifications Listed under Underwriters' Laboratories File E51579 Recognized Under the Component Program of Underwriters' Laboratories File E51579 Flammability 94V-2 Temperature Static -40°F (-40°C) to 239°F (115°C) Dynamic -4°F (-20°C) to 212°F (100°C) IP IP 68 (70 PSI, 5 BAR)
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