New mid-cycle top-sheet dispenser automatically tops off stretch-wrapped loads for water-tight protection outdoors


Lantech's new mid-cycle top-sheet dispenser brings tight five-sided protection to high-throughput stretch wrapping with overhead straddle-type machines, as well as traditional turntable wrappers. Equipped with its own touchscreen PLC, the top-sheet dispenser's control settings are independent of the wrapper, making it an easy retrofit option for existing machines. Matched with Lantech's S-1500 straddle-type stretch wrap machine, the top-sheet dispenser permits high-throughput wrapping of 30-35 loads per hours, with five-sided protection that meets the latest requirements of the home center industry for loads to be stored outdoors.

The top-sheet dispenser is fully automatic, and requires no operator intervention or heat sealing. The system automatically senses load height and positions the film head at the correct height, then cuts it. Two systems are available. The mid-cycle model applies the protective top sheet after one layer of stretch film has been applied to four sides of the load, then wrapping continues to trap the edges of the top sheet between layers of stretch film. It can be used with any turntable machine or Lantech's high-throughput S-1500 overhead stretch wrapper. Mid-cycle application of the top sheet provides the highest level of protection from dust/moisture intrusion. An in-line model for all other overhead stretch wrappers applies the top sheet upstream from the wrap zone, allowing all layers of the stretch film to be applied over the edges of the top sheet.

The touchscreen PLC provides audible alarms and indicators for low film and jams of the dispenser or cutter.

Both models of the top sheet dispenser handle 2-4 mil "no tack" film in widths of 40" to 80" on rolls up to 12" diameter. The mid-cycle system accommodates load heights of 36" to 80" standard. The in-line system handles load heights of 20" to 80" standard. Both models are available with a 110" load-height option.
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