New Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Houston, TX – March 29, 2006
Moeller has just expanded its FAZ line of miniature circuit breakers to include devices that are listed and certi- fied as molded case circuit breakers per UL 489 and CSA 22.2, No. 5-02. These new current-limiting branch circuit breakers, called FAZ-NA, are ideal for the protection of power supplies, control power transformers, HVAC, refrigeration equipment, florescent lighting (to 20A) and many other applications requiring a primary protective device.

Moeller’s FAZ Branch Circuit Breakers are available in one-, two- and three-pole configurations with 20 different current ratings ranging from 0.5A to 40A, enabling fuseless solutions for smaller loads. All breakers are available in both C and D tripping curves. Two- and three-pole devices can be used in solidly grounded circuits up to 480V AC. The entire line offers short circuit ratings of 10kA regardless of voltage applied.

Even though not required by NEC or CEC for Branch Circuit Breakers, Moeller’s FAZ-NA (RT) devices are current limiting, which means they interrupt fault currents within one half cycle of the fault. Current limiting devices offer superior protection by reducing peak let-through current and energy.

FAZ Branch Circuit Breakers are available in two terminal configurations; standard box terminals that accept multiple conductors, and ring-tongue terminals, ideally suited to the demanding requirements of the semi-conductor industry. All breakers mount on standard 35mm DIN-rail. Bus Connectors and Feeder Terminals facilitate mounting and wiring of multiple miniature circuit breaker arrays in control panel assemblies. Power to the circuit breakers can also be fed from the line or load side.

As with most products from Moeller, FAZ breaker terminals provide finger and back-of-hand protection to guard against accidental contact with live parts. A color-coded red/green indicator provides immediate visual indication of device status and isolation function (green for OFF, red for ON). All FAZ breakers incorporate a “tripfree” mechanism. This prevents the trip function from being defeated by holding the operator in the ON position. In addition, all FAZ branch circuit breakers are UL listed and CSA certified for fuseless protection of smaller AWG 18 and 16 conductors.

FAZ-NA (RT) Molded Case Circuit Breakers are UL Listed for use in the United States in accordance with NFPA 70 (NEC). These devices also comply with IEC 60947-2 and are CE compliant.

About UL 489
The requirements of this standard cover molded-case circuit breakers, circuit breaker and ground-fault circuit-interrupters, fused circuit breakers, and accessory high-fault protectors rated at 600 volts or less and 6000 amperes or less. These circuit breakers are specifically intended to provide service entrance, feeder, and branch circuit protection in accordance with the National Installation Codes (NIC). This standard also covers instantaneous-trip circuit breakers (circuit interrupters) specifically intended for use as part of a combination motor controller in accordance with the NIC.

About Moeller in North America
Moeller has been doing business in the US since 1952, and in Canada since 1957. They were the first company to introduce IEC controls to both markets. Moeller’s reputation has been built on offering engineered solutions to diverse industries. Today, Moeller’s North American operations consist of six regional operations facilities, two distribution centers, a manufacturing plant and numerous sales offices employing over 300 people. Headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, and Canadian Division headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada.

About the Moeller Group of Companies
Headquartered in Bonn, Moeller has approx. 9,500 employees worldwide, generating annual revenues of approximately EUR 1 billion from 32 production facilities. As one of the large global component producers, Moeller distributes products into more than 80 countries around the world, selling directly to industry, distributors and wholesalers. The company enjoys a strong position in the growing European low voltage components, automation and system markets. Founded in 1899 and renamed in the 1940s to “Klockner-Moeller,” Moeller experienced steady growth over the following decades, based on its technological expertise and its close customer relationships. In the late 1990s, Klockner-Moeller successfully continued to broaden its product range and undertook several acquisitions, e.g. of Felten & Guilleaume AG in 1998. “Klockner-Moeller” was renamed “Moeller” in 1999. Today, the Moeller Group has a global presence with a diversified sales network with more than 40 sales subsidiaries.

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