New Motor-Mount Housing Accepts Wide Range of Inserts


The HM.16 motor-mount connector from Tyco Electronics simplifies the installation and maintenance of wind power turbines. The connector consists of a cast-aluminum housing that accepts various inserts from the HTS industrial connector family, an interface seal for IP65 protection, and a nickel-plated steel locking lever. The housing is available in several sizes to fit standard motor cutouts so that no motor redesign is required. The mounting footprint can be adjusted to fit the motor’s dimensions, up to 140 mm x 140 mm. “The HM.16 motor connector allows motor suppliers to provide a unique interface that uses industry-standard inserts,” says Eric F. Freid as global director, Alternative Energy. “Installation and maintenance can be done quickly and safely without the need to check wiring diagrams. And compatibility with inserts from the HTS connector family means a flexible and highly reliable interface based on field-proven components.” The housings can be ordered in a range of colors to allow unique identification of the motor by function or application such as yaw motor or azimuth motor. Options include the standard powder-coated finish, a corrosion-resistant finish, and a shielded version where additional EMI protection is required. The HM.16 motor housing is a compact size 6 form factor within the HTS connector family. By using standard HTS inserts, the HM.16 motor connector allows designers to meet the widest range of application needs. The full range of inserts include typical high-current/voltage circuits covering 150 A/250 A/5000 V, 1 to 25-position power and control signal inserts, coax and Twinax, Ethernet, and many others. Typical configurations include: ·         82A/690V (4 pole + ground + 2 signal contacts) ·         63A/500V (6 pole + ground + 17 signal contacts) ·         40A/690V (6 pole + ground + 36 signal contacts)
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