New Nitrogen Gas Spring Two Post Lifter


The new, patent pending, SL2.180 Nitrogen Gas Spring Two Post Lifter is the latest addition to the SL Series of Lifters offered by DADCO. The SL2.180 has a 31.8 mm profile, stroke lengths from 25 mm to 125 mm, and force on-contact up to 450 lbs.; one size larger than the popular SL2.090 that has a 25 mm profile and force on-contact up to 200 lbs.

Lifting force for the SL2.180 is provided by DADCO’s popular Micro 180™ gas spring and is adjustable to meet individual requirements. The lifter’s rail plate is available in an optional compact version and with metric or imperial mounting and dowel holes. Ideal for progressive dies, the SL2.180 and SL2.090 lifters provide a modular approach to lift applications, are easy to order, simple to install and save design time.

Other lifters in the SL Series include the SLN.300 Non-Rotating Nitrogen Gas Lifter and the SLC.800 Nitrogen Gas Rail Lifter.
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