New O-ring Gripper ORG 85 for internal and external Assembly Applications


SCHUNK introduces a new gripper to its extensive line of end-effectors, the O-Ring Gripper ORG 85. This new 6-finger gripper is the world’s first gripper that fits O-rings not only to shafts, but also in holes.

Two triple jaw sets that move independently from one another and an integral stroke enable an assembly procedure without precedent, which redefines the concept of “operational reliability”. The O-ring no longer snaps from the fingers into the groove in an uncontrolled manner, but instead is first released from the first three fingers, and only afterwards released from the last three fingers. The advantage: the O-ring has no choice but to slip into the groove.

Achieving a reliable process is a frequent problem with conventional multi-finger grippers that are normally used for fitting O-rings. On the one hand, they can only manage external fitting (e.g. onto the shaft), on the other hand, once fitted, the O-rings are not always correctly placed in the groove.

The clamping width of the diameter to be fitted is truly impressive, and ranges from fingernail-sized O-rings with a diameter of 5 mm to 30 times larger O-rings with a diameter of 150 mm. The only required set-up operation is the change of gripper fingers. The stroke of the two sets of triple jaws range from 0 – 21 mm for triple jaw A and from 0 – 15 mm for triple jaw B.


• No. of fingers : 6 • Triple jaw A: Principle of function : double-acting • Triple jaw A: Stroke per finger[mm] : 21.0 • Triple jaw A: Closing force[N] : 45.0 • Triple jaw A: Opening force[N] : 55.0 • Triple jaw A: Drawback stroke[mm] : 5.0 • Triple jaw A: Drawback force[N] : 20.0 • Triple jaw B: Principle of function : single-acting • Triple jaw B: Stroke per finger[mm] 15.0 • Triple jaw B: Opening force[N] 125.0 • Weight [kg] : 1.35 • Nominal pressure [bar] : 6.0 • Minimum pressure [bar] : 4.0 • Maximum pressure [bar] : 8.0 • Max. permitted finger length[mm] : 60.0 • IP class : 40 • Min. ambient temperature[°C] : -10.0 • Température ambiante max.[°C] : 90.0 • Repeat accuracy [mm] : 0.02

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