New Parker ISO 15407-1 Valve with Central M12 Connector Eliminates Conduit Runs


The Pneumatic Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation (NYSE:PH) introduces Isys HA (26 mm) and HB (18 mm) ISO 15407-1 valves. The new valves are equipped with a central 4-pin M12 connector that provides a single electrical connection for single and double solenoids via a cord set linked to an M12 field bus output module or I/O distribution block. The cord set reduces wiring time because it eliminates conduit runs and wire pulling while improving line management.

The Isys M12 model completes the Isys ISO valve product line with a fully robust, multi-featured design that includes 15407-2 HB/HA and 5599-2 H1/2/3 plug-in valves with collective wiring, and 15407-1 HB/HA and 5599-1 H1/2/3 non plug-in valves with individual connectors.

Isys M12 valves were developed in direct response to industrial requirements for a rugged stainless-steel connector with IP65 rating. The M12 connector is available with both Isys 18mm and 26mm valve sizes for use with industry standard cables. Designed to fill a specific market niche, Isys valves are perfect for industrial markets with an automotive focus and OEMs standardized on M12 connectors. ISO standardization provides OEM security, especially for European-influenced global machine builders.

The new Isys M12 model is the latest addition to the Isys family of pneumatic valves, which use ISO 15407 and 5599 dimensional and electrical standards as its foundation. Isys 18mm/26mm manifolds are available in two-station multiples that decrease the number of base-to-base electrical and pneumatic connections to dramatically reduce leaks and misconnections.

IsysNet is the family’s Field Bus System for providing communication between the valve’s pneumatic and electrical components. Utilizing a common platform compatible with all Isys ISO valves, IsysNet provides preferred connectivity with EtherNet/IP and Rockwell Automation’s ControlNet™. Parker’s Isys eConfigurator is a 3D CAD manifold configuration system that reduces the time it takes to configure a manifold, with drawings and a bill of materials, by 80%.

Parker is the first global manufacturer to make ISO its “flagship” general-purpose industrial pneumatic valve and it is the first pneumatic supplier to offer a configured manifold tool this powerful. The company recognizes that standardization facilitates choice, flexibility and control for engineers, OEMs and end-users.

Isys pneumatic valves and IsysNet Field Bus Systems from Parker are ideal for any participant in a global market in which end-users and/or OEMs benefit from global component standardization, including the automotive, material handling, consumer equipment, medical and process industries.


• Standard Subbase: ISO 15407-1 and VDMA 24563 • Permissible Fluid Air or Inert Gas, filtered 40µ (Class 5 per ISO 8573- 1), • Lubricated or Non-lubricated • Pressure Supply: Possible to supply Exhaust Ports 3 or 5 or Cylinder • Ports 2 or 4, with Internal Pilot Supply. (Not possible • with APB). • Flow: DX01 = .75Cv, DX02 = .55Cv • Working Temperatures: -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F) • Storage Temperatures: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F) • Mechanical Life: > 100 million operations (Dry air filtered 40µ, 2Hz, • 6 bar, 20°C) • Actuation Type: Electric / Pneumatic with 15mm Solenoid Valve • Interface CNOMO E06.36120N
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