New Polyurea Coating Extends the Service Life of Wooden Structures & Furniture


The new wood coating, CHEMTHANE 7035, is a two component, 100% solids elastomeric polyurea. “The product cure rapidly (6-8 seconds) to make product times per structure significantly faster than any other protective coatings for wood,” according to John Henningsen, spokesperson for Chemline. CHEMTHANE 7035 cure time means a manufacturer can produce more parts, more quickly than using polyester fiberglass, vinyl wraps or carpet to wrap or waterproof wooden substrates.


More Durable Than Conventional Acrylic Paint, Vinyl or Fabric Wraps

The polymer resin is sprayed directly to the prepared wooden substrate to form a seamless, plastic barrier against abrasion, impact and tearing. Even if the coating is punctured or torn, CHEMTHANE 7035 forms a tight bond will not allow the coating to be peeled or torn off the wood substrate,” commented Mr. Henningsen.


For additional UV protection, CHEMTHANE 7035 can be top coated with CHEMTHANE 1400, a single component, fast dry, aliphatic coating. The result will be a UV stable and color fast surface that will last for years and years without chalking, cracking or peeling.


Product Details


CHEMTHANE 7035 is spray-applied directly over wooden substrates to form a tough coating for protection against daily use and abuse. The cured coating has an aesthetically pleasing surface texture that can be textured to closely resemble traditional vinyl or ABS plastic. “The textured-style coating will form a slip-resistant and waterproof barrier for the wooden surface ,” Mr. Henningsen added.


CHEMTHANE 7035 has the added benefit of completely hiding seams and imperfections in the prepared surface without excessive epoxy mastics, Bondo® application or sanding.


The product is available in black or white.


• 100% solids/Zero VOC • Fast cure times • Thin film application 15-30 mils • 70 Shore D hardness • 4500 psi tensile strength • 25% elongation • 70,000 flexural modulus
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