New Pre-Engineered Overhead Stretch Wrapper Combines Quick Delivery And Low Cost With Over 100 Bolt-On Options


Patented single-leg design is easy to install. Touchscreen control allows easy reprogramming of wrap patterns, timers, etc., without computer or special software.

May 2006 – Lantech brings economy and quick delivery to automatic stretch wrapping with the new S-1200 automatic overhead stretch wrapper. Pre-engineered for lean manufacturing and delivery in 8-10 weeks or less, the S-1200 can be extensively customized with over 100 off-the-shelf options, such as the patented Pallet-Grip® load locking system and 6000-lb capacity conveyor. The S-1200 is designed for conveyorized feed, in-line, end-of-line or freestanding to allow load accumulation. It can wrap 30-45 loads per hour, providing economical use of film with Lantech's Roller-Stretch® system that pre-stretches the film up to 300%. The base machine is available "conveyor-ready" for $35,000, with a three-year unlimited-cycle warranty.

The S-1200 utilizes Lantech's patented single-leg chassis design that is compact and allows quick installation with existing conveyor lines. The machine handles loads up to 58" square and 80" tall, providing automatic load indexing, film attachment, cutting and wiping.

An operator-friendly touchscreen control allows easy reprogramming of key wrap parameters, while ensuring consistent wrap force and performance over the life of the machine. The PLC provides audible alarms and indicators for low film and a wide range of other faults, and allows easy integration with plant-wide control systems.

Standard safety features include fencing with interlocked sliding gate to deter accidental entry into the wrap zone during operation. Photocells automatically monitor the wrap zone for proper load squencing throughout the process.

Lantech's packaging and productivity solutions include semiautomatic and automatic stretch wrapping; automatic case handling; automatic palletizing; shrink packaging and pallet-load conveying systems. Lantech is the originator of stretch wrapping technology and world's largest manufacturer, with 50,000 systems placed around the world. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, with manufacturing operations in the U.S. and the Netherlands, Lantech products are sold and serviced by a network of 175 distributor locations.
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