New ProdMed Line Includes High-Speed & High-Performance Machining Centers


Lincolnshire, IL. U.S.A. – June 14, 2006 — Today Mikron introduced their new ProdMed line of High-Speed and High-Performance Machining Centers that are specially suited for the manufacturing of medical implants, including dental and orthopedic, and also medical equipment, including surgical and general instruments. The new line of machining centers, including the HSM 400U ProdMed, HSM 400U ProdMed Dental and the UCP 600 Vario ProdMed, offer the reliability, traceability and accuracy that is required for machining medical parts.

The ProdMed systems include an integrated, automatic high-capacity tool changer of up to 220 tools and pallet changing device for efficient tooling and component changes, and offer a control system (Heidenhain iTNC 530) and smart machining modules that provide advanced monitoring levels that are critical for medical implant and equipment production. This monitoring includes using measurements to check / evaluate tools and workpieces, inspect the tools for breakage, measure the workpiece and document all results. In addition, the smart machine modules monitor spindle vibrations (Extended APS), automatically calibrate the machine geometry (ITC5X), and can transmit machine and process statuses messages to cell phones.

“With the introduction of the ProdMed line, we are able meet the special demands for medical technology machining in terms of reliability, cost, exceptional finish quality of parts, and other stringent medical industry regulations,” said Mr. Mal Sudhakar, Vice President of Sales at Mikron. “The medical parts industry is growing fast and Mikron is well-positioned to offer application-specific machining solutions for this industry. ”

Machinists can choose the ProdMed system that suits their needs. For machining titanium or high-alloyed steel, the HSM 400U ProdMed 5-axis (simultaneous), 30,000 rpm models provide excellent surface finish and part detail while significantly reducing machining time for semi-finishing and finishing operations. The high-speed and high-dynamic rotary axes facilitate the reduction of non-productive time. The HSM 400U ProdMed is preferable for more complex machining operations with low to medium demands on material removal.

For Co-Cr alloys and other difficult-to-machine steel alloys, the UCP 600 Vario ProdMed 5-Axis (3+2 simultaneous axes), 20,000 rpm system is recommended for machining work that is characterized by a high level of material removal. All three ProdMed models feature an efficient chip and coolant management system that results in smooth production operations.

Mikron also offers its customers assistance and technical support that is critical for successfully producing the medical parts they need. From advice on CAD / CAM issues, to questions regarding tool selection and other technical aspects, Mikron offers services which are vital for successful medical parts production.

About Mikron
Mikron is a divsion of Agie Charmilles Corp., the world's leading system provider to the tool and moldmaking industry. The company provides sales, service, parts and technical support of Mikron high speed, high performance machining centers. Mikron has the industry's widest range of high speed machines, with travel ranges from 15 through 54 inches and spindle speeds up to 54,000 rpm. Machines are available in a wide array of three-, four- and five-axis configurations for die/mold, job shop, aerospace, medical, electronic and other high precision applications. The company maintains fully equipped, state-of-the-art technology centers in Holliston, MA., and Lincolnshire, IL., for applications engineering, customer training and product demonstrations.
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