New Quick-Release Rapidaptor® Bit Holder and Product Brochure


STONEY CREEK, ONTARIO – April 2006 – Wera Tools Inc., a leading manufacturer of screwdrivers, screwdriver bits and adaptors, recently introduced its new quick-release bit holder, the Rapidaptor®.

The new Rapidaptor quickly releases bits, providing better work safety and more productivity. The Rapidaptor requires one-handed installation and removal of the bits, allowing for more ergonomic and efficient work.

Installation is quick and easy. The bit is inserted into the Rapidaptor holder without adjustment of the clamping sleeve. A self-locking system is activated as soon as the bit touches the screw’s recess, making a secure and wobble-free connection.

Users quickly remove the bit by pushing the clamping sleeve forward. The spring-loaded mechanism unlocks the bit and lifts it away from the magnet, resulting in a fast and easy tool change. The Rapidaptor is especially helpful for changes of small bits (i.e. PH 0 or TX 5) without the need for an extra tool.

The Rapidaptor has a free-spinning outer sleeve that gives users an additional “grip-point” to help stabilize any powered screw-driving machines during the screw-driving process. The free-spinning outer sleeve also reduces damage if contact is made with sensitive surfaces.

The Rapidaptor includes the BiTorsion® feature, in which kinetic energy from the driving tip of the bit is absorbed during torque-load peaks.

Versatile, the Rapidaptor can hold a variety of bits. The Rapidaptor can be used with 1/4" insert bits as well as 1/4" power bits.

Three models of the Rapidaptor are available: the Rapidaptor BiTorsion Holder with a strong permanent magnet and quick-release chuck, the Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder with a quick-release chuck and the Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder with a strong permanent magnet and quick-release chuck.

A seven-page brochure highlights the Rapidaptor and eight different Rapidaptor bit sets that include the Bit-Checks®, a spring-operated case that securely holds the bits for easy access.

The Wera Rapidaptor brochure is available from Wera Tools by calling 800.267.5541,

e-mailing [email protected] or visiting

A worldwide recognized specialist in screwdrivers, screwdriver bits and adaptors, Wera Tools is committed to product innovation. Wera Tools is a leading European manufacturer of screw fastening solutions, with offices in Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada, Spain and Singapore.
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