New Receptacle for Printed Circuit Board


LADD Industries, the exclusive authorized U.S. distributor of Deutsch IPD environmentally sealed electrical connectors, is now offering the DTP10-4P, a new receptacle for printed circuit board (PCB) applications. The new receptacle offers a compact flange design which allows for mounting to the PCB through an enclosure or potting in place.

The DTP receptacle features 4 size 12 pins- each rated for 25 amps at 125° C continuous. It also offers straight PCB pins, environmental seals, outside flange mount, and mates with the DTP06-4S plugs. The flanged receptacles meet all of Deutsch’s high quality general specification requirements. Combining the DTP Series receptacles with the DTP06-4S plugs provides the reliability and application design ease you expect from the Deutsch IPD line of products.
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