New Renscan5™ for CMM Part Inspection


Next revolution in CMM part inspection, Renscan5 motion control software and infinite-positioning REVO measuring head enable inspection at speeds up to 500 mm/sec for more data points on reduced cycle times

June 2006 — Inventor of touch-trigger probing, Renishaw again revolutionizes part inspection with Renscan5™ ultra-high-speed, five-axis part scanning. Receiving national roll-out at IMTS, the new system uses breakthrough technologies to jump coordinate measuring machine (CMM) scanning speeds by 10-20 times and more. The Renscan5 system integrates advanced 5-axis machine control with an ultra-high-speed, infinite-positioning REVO™ measuring head, a first-ever laser-corrected probe, and a new UCC2 universal CMM controller. The new developments revolutionize measurement throughput by greatly reducing cycle times, while simultaneously providing greater data coverage to meet tighter part specifications. Open system design allows fitting to new CMMs and upgrading of existing CMMs to state-of-the-art performance.

The Renscan5 enabling technology allows scanning speeds of up to 500 mm/second vs. standard practice of 5-15 mm/sec. The system design virtually eliminates the measurement errors normally associated with existing three-axis systems that move the CMM for probe positioning. The five-axis system achieves this by allowing the smaller, infinite-positioning REVO measuring head to perform most of the motion during inspection routines, minimizing the dynamic errors caused when moving the larger mass of a CMM structures. The CMM can move at a constant velocity along a constant vector as measurements are being taken, removing the inertial errors that result from machine acceleration/deceleration during conventional 3-axis scanning.

The REVO measuring head features ultra-stiff spherical air bearing technology in each of its two axes, providing a stiff platform for good metrology. The two rotary axes —one horizontal, one vertical — are driven by state-of-the-art direct-drive brushless motors, giving infinite rotation and infinite positioning capability to optimize part access. The axes are linked to 0.08 arc-second high-resolution Renishaw encoders supplying ultra-high positioning accuracy.

A highly innovative "tip sensing" probe mounted to the REVO measuring head further minimizes the errors caused by the dynamic effects of high-speed motion and allows the use of long styli without reducing accuracy. A laser light system is used to accurately measure the exact position of the probe tip, with a beam of light directed from within the probe body down a hollow stylus to a reflector at the stylus tip. Hollow tube design provides ultra-low moving mass to minimize inertia effects, allowing accuracy even with very long styli (500 mm reach is available).

Renscan5 and REVO are available with the new UCC2 universal CMM controller that forms the foundation for Renishaw’s future high-speed scanning systems. The second generation UCC2 controller features patented MoveScan™ software that synchronizes and smoothes motion between the CMM and the REVO head. On-the-fly repositioning of head and stylus between part features shortens scanning time of indexing systems.
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