New Rotary Valves Make Dust Handling, Disposal More Efficient


Aget Manufacturing Company (Adrian, MI) has introduced its new Rotary Air Valve components designed for use with the company’s lineup of Dustkop® dust collecting systems. The new configurations consist of 8" and 12" diameter models, both being of heavy duty fabrication and featuring six vane design with flexible tip and edge seals. The six-vane rotor blade design is said to provide superior air sealing performance as compared to typical four blade designs, yet the Aget devices are competitively priced to the standard, four-vane design products. Aget rotary valves work on the same principle as a revolving door, which keeps air pressure constant inside large buildings.

The higher level of air sealing capability of the six-vane Aget design helps to better maintain air pressures in the dust collection system for both push-through and pull-through cyclone style units where even small amounts of leakage can affect efficiency. The air seal capability of the rotary valve allows the use of open, non-sealed collection containers, such as large dumpsters or truck trailers, eliminating the need for the usual hoppers or closed 55-gallon drum units. The use of larger receptacles makes handling and disposal duties less frequent to help lower manufacturing costs.
The disposal container issue is very important for wood working applications and the machining of castings or aluminum where large quantities of course dust and bulky debris can be quickly created. Consider in these applications that the RV12-6 model’s rated fill capacity is 68 cubic feet per minute at 25 RPMs, though normal industry standards for sizing valves is expressed by the expected operational capacity, typically set at 50%. That makes this model’s ‘working’ capacity 34 CFM, or approximately equal to 4.5 drums per minute. The RV8-6 working capacity is approximately 7.2 CFM, at the 50% fill rate, equivalent to one drum per minute.

Aget rotary valves feature heavy-duty construction for long, dependable service. The RV12-6 is fabricated using 3/8" thick plating for the sides, mating rings and end flanges...all precision laser cut. The 10 Gauge thick body material and the 2HP motor, bearings, gear reducer, sprockets and #60 roller chain are robust and high quality. The six vanes are continuously seam welded on both sides to the precision ground shaft, and reinforced in pairs with gusset plates for added strength and stability. Each blade is topped off with 3/8" thick neoprene seals that are bolted to the rotor vane using steel backing plates.

The RV8-6 features 1/4" thick side plate, mating ring and end flange fabrication materials, and is equipped with a 1HP motor and #50 size roller chain. Construction elements are otherwise the same.

Safety guarding completely encloses the chain and drive components with simple removal for inspection or preventative maintenance needs. For ease of installation, angle iron support brackets are welded to the valve body for rigid 4-point mounting.

In addition to the new rotary air valve products, Aget designs, engineers and builds full line workplace environmental purifying systems including Dustkop® recirculating, push-thru and pull-thru cyclone dust collection systems, Filterkop® fabric baghouse filtration units, and Mistkop® mist collectors, chip-mist collectors, after-filters with pull-thru exhaust, bin vent and silo vent filters, and down draft work tables, and stations. Systems are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, plus Aget offers comprehensive engineering services for custom application requirements.

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