New secure electronic tamper proof temperature control thermostat


The Accustat® Independence provides a mercury free option for applications needing a tamper resistant control with fixed temperature setpoints.  The Independence utilizes preset electronic  fixed temperature setpoints to maintain desired comfort settings.  These thermostats are ideal for commercial applications such as warehouses and fast food restaurants or residential applications such as condominiums or other managed properties.

For customers who have come to rely on the quality and reliability of the original Accustat® series, the Independence offers the perfect solution in those states that have legislation banning the sale of mercury. Bi-metal or mercury based mechanical thermostats are virtually maintenance free, but struggle to maintain precise temperature accuracy. This results in employee or customer discomfort which encourages them to change temperature settings resulting in large temperature swings and high energy bills.  Electronic and/or digital controls control temperatures precisely, but do require an extra wire for power, and/or batteries (which require maintenance).

Accustat® Independence by PSG Controls gives the best of all worlds.  Precise temperature, locking tamper-proof cover, no extra wires or batteries needed, and mercury free.
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