New Sentinel M24 Leak Test Instrument Provides Superior Performance and Dynamic Communication Capabilities


The Sentinel M24 reduces part fill and exhaust times by 80%. This instrument can function in single- or multiple- station configurations to save the cost of multiple instruments by managing up to four independent stations. The Sentinel M24 provides auto calibration and corrects for temperature changes. It also features a Quik Test function that saves up to 80% of test cycle time to increase process efficiency. The Sentinel M24 features a modular design and tooling control functions. The instrument enclosure is compact in size, measuring only 16” x 14” x 8”.

The M24 can communicate directly to factory or other networks by linking to Ethernet or through conventional RS232 and RS485 ports and can even beam messages directly to PDA's or send e-mail alerts to key process personnel.


* Performs very repeatable, high-resolution (0.00001 psi) tests * Quik Test function reduces test cycle time up to 80% * The high flow valve option reduces cycle times by filling and exhausting the part up to five times faster * Auto calibrates and corrects for temperature changes * Simplifies part change * Saves initial integration and maintenance costs * Compact enclosure: 16"w x 14"h x 8"d * Modular design * Includes tooling control functions in instrument * 4 inputs/4 outputs per test for tooling and process functions * Brilliant VFD graphic display * Links directly to factory network and other communication through Ethernet link, RS232 and RS485 links, e-mail alert messages to key process personnel or beams data to PDAs
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