New Series of Industrial Air Compressors


Sullair designed the 3700 Series compressors to answer end users’ and maintenance workers’ demand for a product that is more compact, cost and energy efficient, serviceable, and powerful—and yet quieter—than available 40, 50, and 60 horsepower compressors.

Sullair engineered this series of compressors to make service and routine maintenance faster, simpler, and more efficient, minimizing production downtime and creating a cleaner, safer work environment. All standard compressor maintenance can be performed from one side of the machine, and the compressor’s fluid level can be checked without opening the doors. The Series also features a fully sealed environmental protection pan to capture spills that may occur during servicing.

The new compressors use less energy than equivalent models. Based on 24/7 operation, using full load specific power at $0.08 per kW/hr, the Sullair 3700 offers 11.3% energy savings over competitive 50 horsepower models. Additionally, oil carryover in the 3700 Series is less than 1 ppm, which is less than half the carryover of similar compressors.

The 3700 Series compressors are compact enough to fit through a standard 36” door with, and operate at a low level of 68 dba, 18 dba quieter than competitive models. Also introduced with the new line of compressors is the WS Microprocessor, a simplified microprocessor with WSPC interface capability, a built-in full load solenoid valve for sequencing of up to 16 machines, and remote monitoring from a Windows PC.

Sullair is offering a free 3700 Series Information Kit.


• 60 hp • Capacities from 220 to 267 acfm • Pressures from 125 to 175 psig • Insulated intake and exhaust louvers • High efficiency centrifugal Fan
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