New Single Turn Metric Series


Smalley has just released a new single turn metric series. The new spiral retaining ring series is available for both internal (VHM) and external (VSM) grooves. Over 400 rings are now available in carbon and stainless steel from stock, diameters range from 6 to 300 mm.

Special designs are also available to metric specifications. With Smalley's exclusive No-Tooling-Cost™ manufacturing process, special designs can be produced quickly and economically. Specials are available from 5 to 2300 mm.

Smalley also offers 3 additional series of metric rings to match European DIN 471 & 472 grooves and aerospace specification MA 4017 & 4016.


• 1/4"-10" Diameters & • 6mm-300mm Diameters • Carbon and Stainless Steel

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