New Steel Stud Cutting Circular Saw Blade


The M. K. Morse Company introduces the Metal Devil Stud Cutter, a revolutionary 14 inch carbide tipped circular saw blade for cutting steel studs. This circular saw blade is specifically designed to overcome typical challenges encountered when cutting steel studs. The clean, virtually burr-free cuts result in reduced down time and less secondary work removing burrs.

The M. K. Morse Research and Development team spent countless hours in design and field testing to produce a blade that will provide the best steel stud cutting solution. The patent pending tooth design reduces vibration and chipped teeth for longer blade life and less operator fatigue. The Metal Devil Stud Cutter’s unique gullet is extremely efficient at evacuating metal chips, allowing for faster cutting results. The overwhelming response is that these blades make cutting steel studs easier, faster and cleaner. Applications include 18 gauge and 24 gauge steel studs. The optimized design has also been found very effective in cutting additional thin steel materials such as thin wall tubing with 1/8 inch and thinner wall thicknesses.


• TPI: 52 Teeth • Diameter: 10" (254mm) • Arbor Hole Size: 5/8 inch • Application: Thin Steel • Part #: 100410 • 1/Card Model #: CSM1052TSC • RPM: 5200 (max)
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