New Stepper Drive Technology Features Comprehensive Programming Language for Robust Operation


The robust Q programming environment provides users with a number benefits including register manipulation, conditional processing, math functions and multi-tasking. Additional benefits include pulse and direction with electronic gearing, encoder following with electronic gearing, clockwise and counter clockwise pulse, as well as the ability to host interface while executing internal programs.

Additionally, these drives include Self-Test and Auto Setup features to measure and configure motor parameters automatically, while anti-resonance technology eliminates midrange instability for higher motor speeds and fuller use of available torque. Demand Signal Smoothing reduces extraneous system resonances for smoother motor performance and reduced wear on mechanical components.

Torque Ripple Smoothing adjusts the current waveform to reduce low speed torque ripple for smooth motion at low motor speeds. Additionally, MicroStep Emulation provides smooth motion for systems that require low step resolutions, such as retrofit systems with controller resolution that is fixed at a low value and cannot easily be changed.


* Sophisticated Current Control * Anti-Resonance and Torque Ripple Smoothing * Microstep Emulation * Encoder Feedback Option * CANopen Fieldbus
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