New Surge Protection Products Provide One Stop Shop for Circuit Protection


Schurter has expanded its product portfolio to include radial leaded varistors, also referred to as MOV (Metal Oxide Varistors). The addition adds yet another form of circuit protection to Schurter’s wide range of products, making it possible to obtain all circuit protection components for an appliance from a single source. The new range of varistors includes three types; the AVTP for primary protection, rated voltage at 120 - 360 VAC, peak current 800 – 13kA, energy absorption 8-440 J and disc size 5-25mm, AVTS for secondary protection, rated voltage 11 – 95 VAC, peak current 250 – 10 kA, energy absorption 0.6 – 106 J and disc size 5-25 mm and the AVTT for 3-phase applications rated voltage 390 – 1000 VAC, peak current 3.5 – 13 kA, energy absorption 25-875 J and disc size from 10 – 25 mm. Varistors help protect electronic circuits against surge transients such as lightning strikes, switching contacts and inductive loads. They are used in a wide variety of applications including switching mode power supplies, ballasts, motor protection and in industries such as telecom, medical technology and consumer goods. The AVTP, AVTS & AVTT series are all approved according to IEC 61051, UL 1449, UL 1414 and CSA C22.2 are RoHS compliant. Prices start as low as 14 cents and vary depending on size and type. Packaging is in plastic bags of 100 pieces each, Tape & Reel or Ammo Pack.


• Rated Voltage: 390-1000 VAC, 500 -1200 VDC • Disc Size: 10-25mm • Peak Current 8/20 µs,1 Pulse: 3500 - 13000 A • Max. Energy Absorption 10/1000 µs: 25-875 J • Current/Energy Derating above 85 °C: 2.5% /°C • Admissible Ambient Air Temp. : - 40 °C to 85 °C • Material Terminals: Tin-Plated Copper Alloy • Material: Tube : Zinc Oxide • Insulation Resistance: >10'000 MΩ • HiPot Encapsulation : 2500 VDC • Impulse Response Time: <50 ns • DC Leackage Current: <200 µA • Flammability : UL 94V-0
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