NKK Switches has released its latest electromechanical Switch Guide, now in its 14th edition. The new switch catalog is environmentally friendly and includes many new product options, including the award-winning SmartSwitch product line.
Environmental considerations played an important role in the design of the latest edition of the Switch Guide. In accord with NKK’s continual endeavor to maintain high levels of environmental responsibility, the new catalog is now available in its entirety online. Online availability via NKK’s Web site also affords engineers with more flexible access to the resource, which has become a staple in the electronics design community.
With many engineers still preferring a printed edition of the hard copy catalog, copies are also available. The bound version is printed on economical and environmentally friendly light weight stock which is FSC certified recycled content. 
The newly added SmartSwitch lineup provides design engineers a number of choices for unique programmable human interface devices that simplify how users interact with machines by using a changeable graphical interface. The series includes NKK’s award winning OLED SmartSwitch and the OLED Rocker.
Additionally, NKK’s FT Series of Touch Screen products has been added to the catalog.  The FT Series offers a versatile and durable touch screen solution in sizes ranging from 5.7 to 15 inches. The series, which incorporates anti-Newton-Ring technology, features a broad range of inputs, including gloved hand, finger or stylus, providing the flexibility required for a wide variety of applications.
Adding to the already extensive array of switching options featured in the catalog, NKK has added the YB2 Series 22mm tamper resistant, flush mount, pushbuttons and the NP01 Series of fully illuminated soft touch actuated pushbuttons.
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