New TITANMATE Articulating Tool Positioning Arm


New TITANMATE Articulating Tool Positioning Arm offers increased production and precision mobility.

Increase productivity and safety with TITANMATE. Our newest product features infinite adjustability minimizing repetitive motion injuries and saving time. TITANMATE also reduces operator fatigue and absorbs dangerous torque reaction with advanced features that promote safety and ergonomics.

TITANMATE is designed to provide fast, accurate tool installation; precise positioning; and smooth, fluid motion with the widest possible range of operation.

No matter what your application requirements may be, you will get unsurpassed repeatability and precision with the TITANMATE Articulating Tool Positioning Arm.


• Payload: 50lbs/22.7 kg.Max • Power Tool Dia: 2”/5.8cm Max • Torque: 100ft.lbs/136 NM Max • Working Dia: 8’-0”/2.4 M Max • Unit Weight: 105 lbs/47.7 Kg
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