New Vacuums for Metalworking Industry


The new single-phase WSS 100 and WST 100 DV industrial vacuums from Nilfisk CFM are specifically designed to easily collect and discharge oil and coolants in applications common to the metalworking industry. Built with high-quality, durable materials, the WSS 100 and WST 100 DV can collect, separate, discharge and recycle 100 liters of metalworking fluids (MWF) in just minutes, saving time and reducing costs. The WSS 100 is a base model for coolant/chip collection with a gravity fed drain valve. The WST 100 DV is equipped with a diverting valve that reverses the flow of air to pump out the tank quickly and easily. It is also equipped with a tilting motor head, allowing easy access to the internal chip basket. Additional features and benefits of both vacuums include: • Great Price/Value ratio • Small, very maneuverable for use in tight areas and smaller metalworking shops • Chip basket collects metal shavings - 3 optional filters are available for higher filtration efficiencies (300, 100 and 50 micron) • Internal oil mist filter prevents oil mist from entering the moto • Liquid level sight tube In addition, when coolants are collected, they are filtered for reintroduction into the machine tool. During the suction phase, the coolant becomes full of oxygen that aids in killing existing bacteria. Both the WSS 100 and WST 100 DV can be equipped with a wide range of accessories that have been designed for the specific needs of the industry.


* Voltage @ 60 Hz 120 volts * Type of power single phase * Power, max. 1600 watts * Current draw, max. 13.3 amps * Waterlift, max. 70 inches H20 * Airflow, max. 150 cfm * Noise level at 3'3" 73 d(B)A * Liquid container capacity 26 gallons * Shavings container capacity 6.6 gallons * Dimensions (LxWxH) 22.8 x 31.5/34.7 x 48.4 inches * Protection class 44 IP * Insulation class I * Weight 110 / 132 lbs. * Inlet diameter 2 inches * Cord length 50 feet * Motorhead type WSS 100 model Lift off * Motorhead type WST 100 DV model Tilt back * Pump out feature WSS 100 model No * Pump out feature WST 100 DV model Yes

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