New Versatile and Cost-Effective Thomson-Deltran Brakes Provide Superior Torque to Size Ratio


Introducing Thomson-Deltran Power off Magnetic Brake (PMB) series power-off DC, spring-set brakes. The PMB series is a low-cost, multifunctional brake alternative well suited for use in a wide range of applications. They are available in nine standard frame sizes ranging from 30 to 120, each with a superior torque to size ratio. They feature a torque range from 45 lb-in to 4250 lb-in (5 Nm to 480 Nm), in diameters from 3.30 in. to 11.89 in. (84 mm to 302 mm). Operating voltages of 24 / 90 / 190 VDC are standard, with other voltages available upon request.

An adjustment collar allows brake torque to be varied to meet specific application needs. Engineered friction material on the rotor assembly boosts maximum performance and extends life, while the brake case design provides excellent heat dissipation. Fully potted coils meet minimum requirements for class "F" insulation, and a splined hub with anti-rattle feature promotes quiet operation. Additionally, brake leads can be customized to meet special requirements. Available options include a dust cover to keep foreign materials from interfering with brake actuation, as well as a manual override release to release the brakes in the absence of power.

PMB series brakes easily mount to a motor or frame, as a simple splined hub attaches to the shaft with a set screw and keyway. All necessary mounting hardware is included with the brake.
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