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NCCS, the developer of NCL multi-axis machining software for the aerospace, automotive and turbomachinery industry, announces availability of special features for aerospace and turbomachinery components that boost productivity and ultimately profitability by automating its simultaneous 5-axis machining process.

Special Features for Aerospace and Turbomachinery Components
NCCS has updated its special Application Libraries, which include features that address the unique manufacturing requirements of aerospace and turbomachinery components.

  • NCL/AAL, NCCS’ Aerospace Application Library, includes dozens of commands for creating tooling and tool paths that are common to the manufacturing of complex structural aerospace parts. The collection of macros offer user-controlled entry and exit techniques for contouring tool paths, resulting in faster machining and improved efficiency.

  • NCL/TAL, NCCS’ Turbomachinery Application Library, provides capabilities to automate the NC programming of impellers, inducers, and airfoils. Users can generate tool paths quickly for multiple applications including rough machining, hub machining, finish machining, and leading/trailing edge machining, allowing faster and more accurate programming of complex parts.

According to David Schultz, NCCS’ Manager of CAD/CAM Applications, “Most turbomachinery parts require simultaneous 5-axis machining. Our goal is to improve the entire machining process by minimizing programming and offering users more flexibility. This new functionality allows users to do just that”

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